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166                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                       CHAP.
brief stay, and write the account of their travels at hurried moments, or after returning home.
It is on this principle that Mordtmann1 deals with the statement that the relics of S. Theodosia were kept in the monastery of the c Everghetis.5 In his opinion Zosimus confused the monastery of S. Saviour Euergetes2 with the church of S. Theodosia/ because of the proximity of the two sanctuaries. Lapses of memory are of course possible, but, on the other hand, the trustworthiness of a document must not be brushed aside too readily.
But the differences in the statements of the Russian pilgrims, as to the particular church in which the relics of S. Theodosia were enshrined, may be explained without charging any of the good men with a mistake, if we remember that relics of the same saint might be preserved in several sanctuaries ; that the calendar of the Greek church celebrates four saints bearing the name Theodosia ;4 and, lastly, that churches of the same dedication stood in different quarters of the city. In fact, a church dedicated to the Theotokos Euergetes stood on the Xerolophos above the quarter of Psamathia.5
Stephen of Novgorod6 makes it perfectly clear that he venerated the relics of S. Theodosia in two different sanctuaries of the city, one of them being a church beside the Golden Horn, the other standing on the heights above Psamathia. So does the anonymous pilgrim.7 The scribe Alexander8 found the relics of S. Theodosia both in the Pantokrator and in the church of Kirmarta, above the quarter of Psamathia. It is clear, therefore, that Zosimus,9 who places the relics of S. Theodosia in the monastery of c Everghetis,' has in mind the church of the Theotokos Euergetes above Psamathia, and not the church of S.
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